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7 March, 2018 (Wednesday)
The Largest Public Artwork in Hamilton
early – 6pm

Boon 2018 begins with Charles and Janine painting a huge mural on the side wall of SkyCity, next to the new Victoria on the River park.

The Boon team are excited to announce that this mural will be the largest public artwork in Hamilton to date. It will be visible not only from Victoria on the River, but also from key places like the Anzac Street Bridge and Memorial Park.

Charles and Janine Williams have been chosen for this spot as they are easily some of Aotearoa’s best mural and street artists with incredible experience at painting large works. See their bio below…

As this wall is so large, Charles and Janine Williams will begin painting on March 7th, before the other Boon artists begin on March 9th. The artists are expected to work on this wall through to the end of the festival on the 11th.
The best place to see the artists painting will be from the Victoria on the River on Victoria Street, opposite the end of Collingwood Street.

8 March, 2018 (Thursday)
Boon 2018 Opening!
10am – 6pm

Boon 2018 evening celebration and exhibition opening at Agora, 13 Kent St, Frankton

Come celebrate with us Hamilton’s 3rd street art Festival …..No reservations required.

The exhibition will showcase original paintings, prints and drawings by our 2018 artists as well as many of the Boon artists from 2015 and 2017. This is your chance to get an original or a high quality print to have at home on your own wall. The exhibition is on for 3 days only so don’t miss out!

9 March, 2018 (Friday)
Boon Day 1!
early – 6pm

Walls being painted from early – 6pm Frankton and Hamilton CBD
Exhibition open from 10am – 6pm

Be sure to follow the progress online or come down and check out the progress. Map

You are welcome to visit the artists at work, grab a map and make your way around Frankton and the CBD! Also stop in to see the Boon exhibition hub at Agora Cafe featuring original paintings, drawings and prints by the artists. Your chance to take something home from the festival or just pop in to say hello to the team that works hard to make Boon possible!

10 March, 2018 (Saturday)
Boon Day 2!
early – 6pm

Walls being painted from early – 6pm
Exhibition open from 10am – 6pm

11 March, 2018 (Sunday)
Final Day of Boon
early – 6pm

Walls being painted from early – 6pm
Exhibition open from 10am – 4pm
Festival ends



Charles & Janine Williams

Charles Williams – Ngāti Kahungunu, Ngāi Tūhoe, Ngapuhi
Janine Williams – Ngāti Paoa, Ngāti Whātua o Kaipara

Working & travelling extensively throughout Aotearoa (New Zealand) & around the globe, Chalres and Janine Williams create visual stories that connect them to the whenua (land) & to the tangata whenua (local people) they encounter along the way. Their creative practice is the outworking of their passion for their Māori heritage, presenting it in an urban context that features modern interpretations of cultural design along with native/endemic birdlife.

Married with 4 children, whanau (family) & hapori (community) are an integral & important part of Charles and Janine’s full time artistic journey.

“We believe that a work of art is not only the finished product but includes the relationships you build along the way with the people & communities you encounter.”

Cracked Ink

Originally from the UK, Cracked Ink has been part of the NZ street art scene ever since he made the move down under 10 years ago. Cracked Inks quirky, character based art is bold and eye catching, whether it be an art piece from a gallery or a mural in the street.

Predominantly an aerosol artist, Cracked Ink also utilizes other creative avenues which include, sketching, painting and sculpting which have been some of his favourite mediums to work in over the past few years.

Previous to coming to New Zealand, Cracked Ink has obtained various academic achievements including a degree in graphic design. Not only that, he has been involved multiple exhibitions, street art festivals and workshops across Australasia.

Rachel Peary

Rachel Peary is based in Hamilton, New Zealand, currently doing her postgraduate studies at Waikato Institute of Technology.

Rachel works across a range of disciplines from bright fun abstract works, sculpture, design, publications and installation. In her work, she is drawn to the interaction of light and transparency, subtleties in colour and form, creating works that provide an opportunity for pause and mindfulness. She is consistently drawn to the creation of work that lends to minimalism and process.

” My life is complex and full and I am in love with it.”

Ahsin Ahsin

Ahsin Ahsin is a self taught artist from Hamilton, New Zealand. He started his Media Arts degree with a focus on design. It wasn’t until a few years ago that Ahsin tried his hand at painting. Working across a variety of different surfaces, the scale of his work varies from tiny to extremely large.

With distinctive patterns and neon hues, Ahsin Ahsin’s mixed media paintings are vibrant, energy-filled and entertaining. Ahsin’s aesthetics are a hybrid of street art culture, graphic comics, science fiction of the early 1990s, and contemporary painting.

Kell Sunshine

Kell Sunshine is a freelance graphic artist based in central Wellington, NZ, with a tendency to travel, and is best known for her meticulously hand crafted lettering.

Kelly’s creative style is characterized by a bold use of colour, curvaceous forms, and clean lines. A multidisciplinary approach allows her to design across a wide variety of media and enjoy the freedom to produce work both in-studio and out In the world, adorning surfaces large and small with her colourful forms. Her work to date spans sign painting, murals/street art, illustration, apparel graphics, festival & gig branding, identity design and more..


An aerosol and stencil artist with a fine art degree, Flox first made her mark on the inner cityscape of Auckland in 2003. Her trademark native birds, ferns and flowers – a celebration of Aotearoa’s environmental taonga – vibrant, confident colour; and scale combined with delicacy; magically transformed grey walls into vibrant depictions of the natural world.

Flox swiftly expanded her practice into prints, publications, murals, graphic design, live painting, projects, workshops for both school and the wider public, collaborations, charity work and both group and solo exhibitions. Her accessible narratives have broadened her appeal and shaped her into one of New Zealand’s most recognised contemporary artists. Numerous TV guest appearances and editorials have added to her popularity and further spurred the demand for her distinctive aesthetic.

Flox’s intricately hand-cut stencils are what sets her apart from the rest, prompting a demand for these as artworks in their own right. With a philosophy deeply ingrained in the value of the hand-made, her processes pay homage to the craft of the cut – what she refers to as her Labour of Love.

Since 2015 Flox has focused on honing new ideas, exploring other cultures and pushing her own artistic boundaries. This has resulted in a three month Artist Residency in Taiwan in 2015, and in 2016 a journey to Udaipur in India, to again expand her international audiences.

Seen everywhere from Berlin, Hong Kong, New York, Taiwan and now India, Flox is certainly spreading her wings.

The Underwater Collective

The Underwater Collective is a collaborative group of artists from the Waikato who make collaborative paintings and object-based installations. Their artwork collides everyday icons with wild dream-scape imaginings.

Hamilton based Ali Selliman will be representing The Underwater Collective at Boon 2018. Ali is well known as an accomplished tattoo artist, illustrator, and street artist.

Jodi McBride

Jodi McBride is an artist based in Hamilton who has just completed her degree in Media Arts at Waikato Institute of Technology.

With a passion for illustration, her artworks combine soft pastels and vibrant pop colours. She re-imagines everyday situations in creatively quirky and playful ways.

Liam Bourton

Liam Bourton is an artist originally from Otorohanga, and now based in Hamilton. He is currently in his 3rd year of study at Wintec, majoring in painting. Originally focused on character design, Liam now has a passion for abstract mark making, recently moving into large scale mural work. 

His works explore the relationship between process and the work itself. Liam works with lines to create a simple black and white colour scheme, and uses the repetition of the same mark to create intense installations.

Gina Kiel

Gina Kiel is an illustrator based in Wellington, New Zealand. She creates feminine yet strong images that exude sensuality and explore a human experience through ideas of life, death, spirituality and pop culture using flowing lines and forms and bold, minimal compositions with a colourful palette.

With a childhood full of music, nature, Disney movies and hours of drawing, Gina became an illustrator after working at a boutique animation company, drawing frame-by-frame at a light box, where she discovered her love for drawing body parts.

Gina can be found exhibiting at group shows around the world, creating at her home studio for clients locally and internationally, painting murals and working alongside Inject Design to create some of New Zealand’s most iconic design work.

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